Rss feed not updating in iweb

Sandvox, by contrast, tends to take a “set it and forget it” approach to site design and maintenance, working with the site as a conceptual whole.

Many elements can be automatically inherited from page to page as new pages are added.

This approach lets Sandvox scale a site to hundreds of pages (or more), asking you to add just the content that differs from page to page.

So while you might first be confused by some of the differences between the two programs and the way that they build websites, we think you'll quickly come to appreciate the power of Sandvox's approach, especially as you grow your website to more than just a few pages.

Backed by an editable version of Safari’s Web Kit, the Web Editor is where you edit the content of your site as well as see it take shape exactly as it will appear in Safari and other browsers.

The Sandvox community has a long history of welcoming people moving up from i Web-created sites to a tool that is more powerful, more flexible, and optimized for search engines.It is the narrow column to the left or right, depending on design, of the main text and is often used to hold smaller, secondary content such as badges, Like buttons, images, and so forth.The Web Editor, known as the Canvas in i Web, is where you compose your site.Unlike i Web, however, Sandvox is showing you fully constructed HTML for each page.You can even look at the HTML for an entire page using the "Develop → Web View → HTML Source" menu item.

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When a single page becomes an index page, we say it has become a collection and is the parent page of whatever child pages it contains.

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