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Does Rob hate his family so much that he is willing to father a child in the most incestuous way possible without committing actual incest, just to piss them off?Will I make it to the end of the month if this story continues to develop as it has been these past 72 hours? If one of my siblings ever dared to date my current flame's ex, and someone who has publicly disparaged myself and my family, they would get a tongue lashing only second to that of one delivered by Christian Bale — and then his skull would be on the receiving end of any and all nearby glassware.It wasn't until I saw my favorite buzzwords "messy," "petty," and "Kylie," that I finally stopped to take notice.Twitter alerted me of an Instagram, originating from Blac Chyna's account, of her wrapped in Rob Kardashian's arms. Surely, this was a fever dream from bleary-eyed, early-morning Twitter users who had yet to visit their nearest barista.Spending Mother’s Day with the prettiest mom I have for the first time since 2009 was really special!! #Mi Primer Amor S/O to all those outstanding moms all over the world!

Of course, I double-checked the foolishness, and the post did in fact come from Rob's verified Instagram account. Maybe Rob is pulling another stunt and the post would be deleted within the hour.This news is startling, and the messiness abounds, so my words, thoughts, and opinions must be written down and taken as law for the public's consumption. This past Monday morning, I woke up, opened Twitter, and saw vague tweets about Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna.Refusing to let my eyes focus on these low-tier names, I kept scrolling.If the nation's collective nightmare comes true, on one side of Calabasas, Kylie Jenner marries and spawns a child with garbage dump Tyga.On the other side of that hallowed ground, Rob Kardashian weds and procreates with Tyga's ex Blac Chyna.

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