Repairing mistakes in dating

So here are five dating screw ups all of us anxious people make and how to fix them, too:"Let's have a 'personality drink' before our dates tonight! She didn't even need to text me back because 20 minutes later, she would be banging on the door of my apartment with a wine bottle tucked in the folds of her pale blue coat.

It would take one big glass of wine to slightly ease our nerves and another big glass to give us the courage to actually take a taxi to the date.

We're so afraid of NOT connecting with a person, we force connections on them by revealing too much too soon.

When I started showing up to dates sober, it was so much better, even if I dry heaved from nerves on the subway ride there.Or, maybe you just had too many pre-date personality drinks, and your boundaries are out of whack.Regardless, every anxious creature I know overshares.The mistake Believing that vintage T-shirt and elegantly distressed pair of jeans lend you an air of charming nonchalance. The sooner you tell her what a great time you had the better.The fallout Your attire suggests you’re not that bothered about the date. The mistake Checking your mobile, texting, or – worst of all – taking a call. Fix it If it went really well, send a text the same evening as the date. Send a courteous message the following morning mooting the vague prospect of meeting up in the future.

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