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Then her alcoholic, drug-addict mother proved incapable of looking after Tatum and her brother Griffin.

‘I saw the movie again recently and I wish I could talk to the child I was then,’ she says sadly.‘Griffin and I felt we had been abandoned and left in squalor,’ says Tatum. I once used a lighter to set our sofa alight.‘I was seven when Mum checked in to a mental institution to try to beat her amphetamine addiction.To me, her months in rehabilitation seemed like an unforgivable abandonment.’Even Tatum’s memories of winning her Oscar are tinged with sadness.It was, concedes Tatum, a ‘very messed-up’ childhood, which got no better when she found that her childhood friend Melanie Griffith had been sleeping with her father.It was yet another betrayal from Ryan, who had made little effort to conceal his sexual activities from his daughter.

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