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Challenged over this, a Railtrack spokesman several entries short of a dictionary retorted: "What do you want us to do - take the offender away and have them hung, drawn and quartered?

" Wearily Mr Waterhouse sighed: "A misplaced apostrophe is not a spelling mistake, pictures are hung but persons are hanged and 'them' is not a pronoun for an offender." A review of Antonia Fraser's 'The Gunpowder Plot' appears in this week's 'Sunday Review'.

The novelist, playwright, journalist and self-appointed custodian of the English language, Keith Waterhouse, claims to have in his back garden an apostrophe incinerator."It is kept continually on the go," says Mr Waterhouse, who has also appointed himself Life President of the Association of the Annihilation of the Aberrant Apostrophe.

This weekend, flames will be leaping from the incinerator at such a lick you might think it's Guy Fawkes' night, or you might think it's Guy Fawkes's night, or if you really want to give Mr Waterhouse apoplexy, you might think "its Guy Fawkes night".

Ron Colombo will officiate with burial in the parish cemetery. On November 7, 1964, she married Vincent Siehr at St. She farmed with her husbands and also worked as a waitress. A special thank you to the Staff at North Ridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center for care given to Mary.

National Ave., West Allis, died Wednesday evening at a West Allis hospital after a short illness. 12, 1941 in Manitowoc County, the son of Lawrence and Mary Heiser Haws Siehr , graduated from Mishicot High School in 1959 and served in the U.

You say army, navy and airforce sweetheart without an apostrophe, argued the radical challengers.

A few weeks later, a government adviser resigned over such rigidity.

We set a high standard, but if things hold the reader up, we are prepared to change." At Weidenfeld & Nicolson, publishers of The Gunpowder Plot, the book's editor, Rebecca Wilson, rejects the notion of there being any firm ruling any more. The convention has been simply to add an s, as in St James's, though there have been traditional exceptions such as Jesus' mother.

But agreement over matters pertaining to the apostrophe has been hard to achieve.

Meanwhile, Mr Waterhouse's postbag continues to bulge with sightings of aberrant apostrophes from vigilantes up and down the land.

One spotted a sign (now thankfully removed)on Leeds railway station which read, "Railtrack Welcome's you to Leeds City Station".

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The Oxford Guide to English Usage is firm that nouns ending in s add 's for the single possessive, including names such as Thomas's; but this is clearly disputed by a famous London hospital which, contrary to the pronunciation used by all of London, has irritatingly erected a large sign where it describes itself as St Thomas'.

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