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Sheridan and Jordan first got in touch after he was booted out of the Love Island villa on Majorca in the show’s fifth week in July 2015 — to be told by his mum that ­Sheridan had tweeted about him.He decided to follow her on the social network and a month later she followed him back before sending him a private message.“She said I was better than the show and everyone else on it.” The re-runs included scenes where Gloucester-born Jordan was seen ­seducing contestant Zoe Brown.

“She said she loved trashy TV and I was her favourite.Jordan, 34, said: “We kissed, then undressed — I called her stunning.She kept telling me I was drop-dead gorgeous and just her type.” The reality TV star said he watched videos of his racy Love Island antics with the actress during their night of passion.“Sheridan then gave me her address over the phone and I got in a taxi and went straight there.“I could tell she fancied me, so I thought when we met up it would be romantic.

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“Sheridan wanted to watch me on it and I was hiding behind a cushion because I found it really embarrassing.

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  1. One really bad thing about online dating is that people can lie on their profile like they say that they are 6 ft tall when they are really just 5’6” or something like that and the weird thing is no one can tell because well it’s online dating and not face to face yet.