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The Purple Man then escaped in the chaos caused by the breakout of fellow prisoner Carnage, and he sought out Jessica in order to again control her.

When the Avengers arrived, he commanded Jessica to fight them, but she activated a psychic defense trigger left in her mind by Phoenix years earlier and defied him, knocking him out with one blow.

Pirri, Fiore said, was just trying to get home when he crossed paths with Moore.Using his pheromone powers to take control of her, the Purple Man directed her to attack the approaching police, then held her in his thrall for months, subjecting her to physical and mental humiliation in imagined retaliation for his defeats by other super heroes. After weeks of physical rehabilitation, she was offered the position of S. She also hired the dedicated but annoying young Malcolm Powder as a part-time assistant.Finally, in a fit of insane rage, he sent Jessica to Avengers Mansion hoping she would find and kill his nemesis, Daredevil. When the Kingpin sent the insane assassin Typhoid Mary against Murdock, Jessica and Cage worked together against her, getting her on the ropes so that Murdock could deliver a blow to end the fight.She possesses an enhanced level of resistance to physical injury, although she is unsure of whether or not she is bulletproof.She is also able to fly, although she is out of practice in doing so.

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At a news conference Wednesday, Pirri’s family, including his wife, Megan, joined Gloucester County Prosecutor Charles A. Megan Pirri, choking back tears, thanked investigators and described her husband as selfless, kindhearted, caring, and loving.

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