Radiocarbon dating inaccurate

This is part of the reason bards were so necessary in Druidism, as their songs served not just as historical record but, were also thought to have magical power, with the ability to induce sleep, change moods, and even cause illness or death.Today, the practice of modern Druidism is alive and well in two different branches of neo-Druidism.Druid religion believed there were two planes of existence, the world we experience now and the “otherworld.” Some think the Druids believed that our souls would live and die in this world and then live and die in the otherworld, trading lifetimes in a cyclical process.Numerous schools trained noble youth to become Druids.These are the often-cloaked people known to perform ceremonies in nature and at megalithic sites like Stonehenge.The Druids of antiquity are steeped in legend and folklore, having no written record of who they truly were or where they originally came from.It is otherwise described as gnosis, or the intuitive wisdom derived from the practice of Druidism.

The symbol of Awen is depicted by three rays representing harmony and universal balance.The Celtic Druids, inhabited the area of Europe that was known as Gaul, where they were eventually conquered by the Romans.One of the best written accounts of the ancient Druids was written by Julius Caesar with much of his account detailing them as civilized, wise, and noble people, with the exception of their barbaric ritual of human sacrifice.They see modern Druidism beliefs not as a religion, but more as a fraternity or esoteric society that accepts all religions.They also pride themselves in observing and minding their own business.

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