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Since there is no scarcity of American soup - or other ladles it can safely be assumed that these were used for filling punch into the goblets.To prove the point: the shop inventory of Joseph and Nathaniel Richardson, dated May 31, 1790, lists six punch ladles, but 36 soup ladles and 36 sauce ladles (click for note 9).Some ladles show monograms, crests or coat of arms.In the 18th century decoration was used sparingly contrary to late Georgian and early Victorian ladles which were often heavily chased. The following inscription is found on a Queen Ann punch ladle of 1712 and reads: "Gentlemen Archers.

Around 1735 the bowls were round or egg shaped (Fig. Fancy bowl shapes like the shell of nautilus were also popular around the middle of the century.Here two examples, one plain with wooden handle and an even fancier type with engraved pattern on the shell shaped bowl and an ivory handle.(Fig.3) Coins like the crown-piece could be hammered out to handy discs from which the bowl would be raised.Punch bowl, punch goblets, sugar dredgers, bottles with silver or even enameled labels, lemon/orange strainers and ladles were all punch paraphernalia and as such "must haves" in elegant households, some Georgian homes were even equipped with "puncheries" (click for note 2).This study concerns itself with punch ladles only and more specifically 18th and 19th centurys examples.

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