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vs feedback 807883 - confirm that this is addressed by our recent RTM fix. Ok I'm finally able to analyze this crash dump by getting the right CLR version.

And the hang is inside Jetbrains calls so most likely Customer had Resharper installed which messed up this update operation.

Main thread: Frames below may be incorrect and/or missing, no symbols loaded for Managed to Native Transition Jet Brains.

Render_Primitive(string name, object value, Jet Brains.

I've got a spare one - PM me if you want it.[QUOTE=Profanwolf;34730400]My server seems to be crashing constantly, I'm running adv dupe 2 along with a few other addons.

I have my suspicions it might be adv dup 2 causing the crashes.[/QUOTE] Alright cool.

Exception ex, bool render Sensitive Data) Unknown Jet Brains.

used the tool easy_precision on models/props_phx/misc/iron_beam2[Adv Dupe2Notify] Finished Pasting!Ok I'm finally able to analyze this crash dump by getting the right CLR version. Meantime I'll forward this crash dump to Jetbrains to further analyze. Add Line(string name, string value) Unknown Jet Brains. A server I played it on had some fucked up addons which caused rotating things to slow down. func_physbox (ball2) at (176.590 3424.420 77.500) using obsolete or unknown material type.

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