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What I came to realize is that it wasn’t just dog poo and property rights at stake here, but our overall notion of dignity, respect, and basic human decency were being threatened. Phil show – about dogs and poopy in the yard, but also about feeling victimized, anger, revenge, salvation, vindication, and what it means to be a human.So, I present to you the advice of many random and emotional people about what to do with neighbors that have no regard about where their dog goes poopy.To make the matter worse, the dog owners know about their dog’s habit.

And now, six years later, that blog post still receives comments and advice from readers from around the world.please be thoughtful and take care of your dog” — something like that.But, the neighbors are pretty private and anti-social.At best, I hope you find the advice here helpful; at worse, I hope you’ll read something that will make you laugh. During his galavanting around the block, he leaves “calling cards” on the lawns of our neighborhood, including ours. We live in a new home and when we bought it, we didn’t have grass, trees, or anything.This summer, we had landscaping done — grass, 14 trees, and a bunch of cement work.

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