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(One of its other nicknames is “The City Within a Park.”) Explore the bluffs, stroll by the lake, take a ferry to the islands, or picnic in High Park.

In the summer, High Park hosts “Dream in High Park,” its annual al fresco pay-what-you-can Shakespearean production.

Whether its Hungarian, Ethiopian or Peruvian, you’ll like discover a new favorite. It’s easy to overlook tourist attractions in your own city. If you prefer your feet on solid ground, get a history lesson at Casa Loma, Fort York or the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM).Start with coffee, end with something stronger, and show off your Monopoly skills in the process.Revisiting the classics — When was the last time you played Guess Who? (It’s also a great double-date spot, as four-player games are often the most fun.) The Ballroom is a one-stop date spot: bowling, dinner and drinks in one.*** Get School’d: at one of the fun workshops at the Gladstone Hotel. *** Explore artful hotel rooms: Gladstone Hotel’s incredible “Come Up To My Room” (CUTMR) design exhibition and events.How about joining the Ukulele for Rookies class that will have you both somewhere over the rainbow in no time. Dubbed as the “alternative design event” the annual show encourages spatial exploration within the historic hotel.

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