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There is nothing, just only 2 steps as follows as for login validation using php. You enter username and password already registered which is stored in mysql database. After you submit a button to login, it check the database values whether the username and password is correct or not using php and mysql query.The mysql query for select a values from mysql database as like this: ie, SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE name='username' and password='password' If it return values correctly, then you can login. session_destroy is used to destroy the session variable in php.This is where server side validation comes in handy. Of course assuming that you have access to the technology on your server.Server side validation can be done with Perl, PHP, ASP, Cold Fusion, JSP and almost any other scripting language. A quite popular and easy to master server side scripting language.

For reference, client side means that you are depending on what browser the user is currently using.function check_field1($field_name_1) function check_field2($field_name_2) function check_field3($field_name_3) /* Validation */ $error=0; // check up variable /* get it checking */ if(! Check this list of open source mobile application projects. Looking to setup continuous integration for your app projects?Get this free Jenkins CI setup guide and get your CI running! For example, if a page has a form to allow users to add their own comments, like this page here, the form should use POST.If you click "Reload" or "Refresh" on a page that you reached through a POST, it's almost always an error -- you shouldn't be posting the same comment twice -- which is why these pages aren't bookmarked or cached.

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Now that you know the differences between client side and server side validation, you might ask, “Why use client side validation at all?

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