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Beginning with her upbeat denial, she talks as if her husband is still there to listen. When forced to divorce his wife by family and social pressure because her mother is a prostitute, Nazar (Khodaparast) works double shifts to pay back the loan he took out for his impulsive wedding and to pay some ongoing restitution to his sweet jilted bride, Reyhaneh (Kosari). This episodic drama focuses on the lives of a minority family in Booshehr.Toomaj, the family's eldest son, hopes to join his love Shirin in London by swimming across the English Channel.While in prison, petty criminal Reza (Parviz Parastui) comes across a clergyman, sparking a plan for escape.Reza dons his new acquaintance's clerical robes and makes a bid for freedom.

Synopsis by When tenuous couple Siyavash and Elnaz join their friends Hamid and Mahsa for a trip to the coast, they are dismayed by the unexpected arrival of Siyavash's former lover Bita and her husband Babak.A comedy of the tragic life of someone who must live like the people around him despite his own preference.Golshifteh Farahani ( گلشیفته فراهانی ) was born on 10th July 1983 and is an international Iranian actress. Golshifteh Farahani started her acting career in theatre at the age of 6.But her lover doesn't intend to marry her and so Elham finds herself in a desperate situation.When it transpires that the girl is no longer a virgin, she and her former boyfriend end up in court. The film 'Neurasthenia' shares with the audience the particularly arresting story of Shahriah, a young man who suffers from depression.

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