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I went to a cardiologist and he prescribed aldactone, along with 40mg of lisinopril. It’s been three years since I started it.""This medicine has changed my life! My skin was always inflamed and the healing process was extremely delayed... I have read many reviews that mentioned an adjustment period (a month or two of worsened acne) prior to any desired effects, but - for me - this was not the case. I have been using Spirolactone less than a week with noticeable improvement.

This medication proved beneficial within the first week and continued to improve as the dose was adjusted (though I am still only on a very small dose, twice a day). I keep looking in the mirror and trying to find hair. I can't believe I suffered for 30 years and seeing results so fast.

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I was on the max dosage of lisinopril, and I tried various others but the best my blood pressure would get is 140/88.

So my dermatologist suggested spironolactone, and it changed EVERYTHING.

I went from 1-4 zits all the time to maybe one, small, quick-healing pimple when I have my period.

However, it has significantly lowered my sex drive but give a little take a little.

I was becoming so upset and self conscious and now I feel like myself again.

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The program Dating 201, which appears on Rogers TV and is hosted by Gloria Macdonald, recently visited Repro Med to speak with our Medical Director Dr. This episode discusses how age becomes a factor in human reproduction and what options are available for both male and female patients to consider.

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