Palynology dating techniques

The other aspect of palynology which makes it less considered in crime scene processing is that it requires the expertise of botanists or palynologists who are typically not forensically trained. Mehringer 1975 Modern Pollen Suface Samples: An Analysis of Subsamples. 1980 Pollen, Parched Seeds and Prehistory: A Pilot Investigation of Prehistoric Plant Remains from Salmon Ruin, a Chacoan Ruin in Northwest New Mexico. Journal of Archaeological Science, 37(9):2365-2375.

This same situation occurs among scientists such as entomologists or archaeologists, unlike fingerprint examiners or serologists. 1984 Pollen, Macrofossil, and Charcoal Analyses of Basketmaker Coprolites from Turkey Pen Ruin, Cedar Mesa, Utah. Journal of Research United States Geological Survey, 3-738. Eastern New Mexico Contributions to Anthropology, 8, Easter New Mexico University, Portales, New Mexico.

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2008b A Review of An Atlas of Pollen-Vegetation-Climate Relationships for the United States and Canada.

That same characteristic makes pollen a useful trace evidence in connecting scenes, subjects and victims. 1973 The Differential Pollen Productivity of Trees and Its Significance for the Interpretation of a Pollen Diagram from a Forested Region.

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Sharma 2002 Trapped Pollen and Spores from Spider Webs of Lucknow Environs.

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