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react through to reach the ground by managing the geometry of the suspension linkage, and by setting the compliance of the suspension by managing the geometry of the suspension linkage and the stiffness of springs and dampers.Generally, the following are good things for handling: less mass, more concentrated mass (i.e., lower polar moment of inertia), lower c.g., shorter distances between mass centers and roll centers (i.e., shorter moment arms—good for reducing lateral weight transfer due to body roll of sprung mass), lower roll centers, wider track, and longer wheelbase.Therefore, when changing camber and caster, toe must be checked and reset, and toe should be adjusted last.At the rear of the Spitfire is a swing axle architecture with a single transverse leaf spring.If the front of the vehicle slides first, it's called understeer (or pushing, or plowing), and if the rear of the vehicle slides first, it's called oversteer (or getting loose or fishtailing).The objective of performance suspension tuning is to manage weight transfer, enabling higher cornering and acceleration/braking forces while staying within the limits of tire adhesion.It’s not a race car preparation guide, although the physics is universal and many of the specific enhancements apply to both street and track use.There are several good race preparation guides for Spitfires written by people with experience building and racing Spitfires.

What ultimately matters here are the forces where the rubber literally meets the road, i.e., the forces of the accelerating mass of the car versus the reaction forces of the ground.At any given point in time with any given set of forces, weight is being transferred through the suspension to the ground, and .If more force is transferred through a given tire than it can handle, exceeding it's ability to adhere to the road, then it will lose grip and slide, and control will be relinquished.I attempt throughout to explain "why"—the principles behind the improvements—followed by "what"—the specific improvements themselves—to promote understanding and foster creativity.More in-depth information can be found in references cited throughout the article.

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