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Upright positions and mobility may be more pleasant for laboring women and may have distinct advantages in promoting progress leading to a spontaneous vaginal birth.Mobility may be more pleasant for laboring women and their partners.

Although midwives tend to encourage women to utilize physiology and gravity to their advantage during labor by encouraging positional changes, the expectations, experience and education of the midwife attending the woman at birth will influence the range of positions they encourage and facilitate women to adopt.

Upright positions in the first stage are those that avoid lying flat, and can include walking.

Recumbent positions include supine, lateral, lithotomy and semi recumbent with the use of pillows and wedges.

Factors such as the ability to maintain some level of autonomy, ability to mobilize and change positions unprompted, in an environment conducive to welcoming partners and family members are important contributors to patient satisfaction.

Patient satisfaction plays a significant role in determining the pattern of one’s health seeking behavior in the future (Hodnett et al., 2007).

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