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And we know that the struggle for equal rights, for women, for others – for LGBT community and others – is an ongoing struggle.

And it’s because of the courage and commitment of citizens in each generation that the United States has come closer to living up to our own ideals.

It comes on the heels of one of the most momentous years in the struggle for greater rights and freedoms in modern history.

In Syria, hundreds were murdered in the dead of night when a disaster occurred at the hands of a dictator who decided to infect the air of Damascus with poisonous gas, and many more have been, unfortunately, confined to die under a barrage of barrel bombs, Scud missiles, artillery, and other conventional weapons.

This realization influenced my decision to gain the knowledge and research skills to prevent and control public health challenges in Africa. As an undergraduate, I devoted much of my time to service in the Baltimore community and was involved in infectious disease projects in Ethiopia, Congo and Baltimore. also peaked my interest in preventable illnesses related to chronic diseases (hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease).

The fundamental struggle for dignity, for decency in the treatment of human beings between each other and between states and citizens, is a driving force in all of human history.

“On the contrary we have intensified our efforts for the restitution of all our treasures taken after the battle of Maqdala,” Culture and Tourism Minister Hirut Woldemariam said.

Fana adds: “The minister insisted that Ethiopia will further strengthen its demands for the return of treasures from museums and libraries and individuals.

And from our own nation’s journey, we know that this is a work in progress.

Slavery was written into our Constitution before it was written out.

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