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He revealed the teenager's original statement was later destroyed in an official cover-up.Murray Hanan, the would-be killer's former lawyer, said police decided not to charge the young man with treason - which in 1981 carried the death penalty - because they had received an order from 'up top'.The young man from the nation's South Island had become obsessed with exterminating the Royal Family and, worryingly, the self-styled terrorist had come incredibly close to killing the British head of state.In the aftermath shamed New Zealand police launched a cover-up operation to disguise the seriousness of the event, a new investigation reveals."We'll be liaising with Interpol on this, but we want to warn any other unsuspecting person who is asked by a stranger online to send items overseas to be very careful," says Constable Grant Kenny of North Shore Police.A new report reveals how the government of New Zealand attempted to conceal just how close a young man came to assassinating the Queen during a diplomatic trip to the country in 1981.Some boys who knew him (Dexter) well are very upset, as you would understand,' he told nz More friends of Rose's adorned her social media pages with messages paying tribute to the 'true friend'.One touching post read: 'you lived life at 1000kmph there was nothing you couldn't do, so strong willed.'In New Zealand learner drivers must be supervised by someone with a full-license at all times and may only carry passengers if they 'will be responsible for them'.

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It is thought the Nissan Silvia the group was travelling in crossed the centre line of the road and collided head-on with a north-bound vehicle.

Also in the car was a classmate of Dexter's who survived the crash and was hospitalised with head injuries.

Both teens died at the scene and the two passengers of the oncoming car were also injured and taken to hospital.

'What I would do to say I love you one more time, to hug you one more time,' he said.

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