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His warm tongue felt so amazing it was hard to focus on Mike.

When I leaned back I felt Mike’s smooth skin against my back and slowly reached over and took one of his hands, gently kissed it and placed it on my breast.

Although we had been skinny dipping together I had never really gotten the chance to examine Mike naked, I could feel my pussy tingling under the table. Although I was drunk I could feel my face turning red. He rose from the table and entered his room grabbing the laptop; Here, find one you like, I want to see.Mike and Christian were set on being drunk for the night, and I thought I would tag along.After we got back to the apartment we wasted no time making drinks for ourselves.It wasn't long after we were all completely naked, sneaking glances of one another in the candle light; Well, now that we are all naked what do we play for? We can ask each other sex questions; Christian said, obviously excited about what was happening. I couldn’t believe he was going that in depth right away. Should I answer with something that a girl would say, or should I say what I really like? To tell you the truth Christian and I had thought about doing a three way. Christian had also asked if I could do a three way with any of his friends who would it be, and my answer was always Mike. I snatched up the laptop and walked, stark naked, over to the couch in the living room.Of course I lost the first game again and it was my turn to answer a question. I searched for a suitable video and once I found one the boys came and joined me on the couch on either side of me.

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