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She danced as she slowly unbuttoned a couple of buttons then walked to where I was sitting, turned around and bent over showing her ass.

She then stood up turned around and continued to unbutton the dress removing both her tits and was pinching her nipples.

He was in the next room I guess and wanted to come in with us.... I let him get off and then he sat against the wall to get his wind back....

Pam once told us that she wouldn't suck a cock that just came out of her pussy as it was all gooey....I guess since Jason ate her pussy that was filled with our come then she would and she crawled over and reached out and sucked his wet cock again....

What an unbelievable sight as Pam was in a black vinyl dress with clips up the front, suspenders, stockings and heels. She pushed the coffee table back a little with one foot to make room and John land me eaned back on the cushions of the sofa, letting our growing erection become very evident before Pams gaze.Kiki's Deliverance Kiki and Friends (part 1 and 2) Kiki and Friends (part 3) 1970's Flashback: Alex doing Yeoman's Work on a Tangent(A story with Walter's brother Richard and his wife): Fun With Dick and Jane Birthday Rubdown -- A nerd giving himself a 19th birthday present. Poindexter's Next Story -- The next installment after Poindexter's birthday massage.George's new-to-him Car I am verified (they just can't show new verifieds until upgrade is finished) This is me naked. So after a night at the bar the four of us ended up at Karen & Rich's house for some more R&R .I slid back in her doggystyle and she sucked him until I came again....we got up and dressed......We got to Johns and as we sat in the living room as Pam changed into her outfit she always brings for these nights.

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