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Remember the letter-writer in March whose employee was refusing to go on business trips because her husband didn’t want her to and her religion required her to obey her husband?They’d also gotten rid of her car because “queens don’t drive”? The situation got worse before it got better, and my boss didn’t want to take much action.She started saying things like “Praise be” and “God is Good” and “Thank the Almighty Lord” to all good news (even small things like approval on a project or her lunch order arriving early).If you asked her how she was doing, it was a “blessed day” or “in his glory” or “I’m just a sinner, seeking salvation.” To project deadlines or status updates, they would be completed “as God’s will allows” or “praying to Jesus that it will be done Friday.” Every anecdote she told was about her Bible study group or church service.Herbert Garrison, who was also known as Janet Garrison after a sex change operation, is the 45th and current President of the United States, in office since January 20, 2017.He was a former Fourth Grade teacher at South Park Elementary prior to running for president.A lot of folks in the comments were worried the employee was being abused — I don’t have any evidence that she wasn’t a willing participant, but I did post fliers in the bathrooms about an abuse hotline, just in case.

The character may also try (unconvincingly) to deny it by saying "Some of My Best Friends Are X." Compare Discriminate and Switch, Stereotype Reaction Gag, Calling Me a Logarithm.

I want to note for the record this person is a fundamentalist Christian in the American south.)I started with the issue of the employee getting anxious and not working as soon as her husband pulled into the parking lot because it seemed easiest to tackle.

She said she just didn’t want to make her husband wait on her, but insisted it wasn’t an issue for her work. She kept getting jittery every day (and still leaving as soon as he got there) so I moved her to an interior desk away from the windows, which helped for a couple weeks but she was upset that her desk was “downgraded” (not really because she wasn’t upgraded to the window to begin with, it was just open when she started).

It is unsure when, but instead of becoming an engineer like he was qualified to be, Garrison became the third grade teacher at South Park Elementary, despite his lack of knowledge of his subjects.

He was caught trying to molest a boy, Eric Cartman, who was looking to find an older and more mature person to hang out with.

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Herbert Garrison grew up in Arkansas where most of his problems originated.

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  1. A matchmaker can even see when the pair reveals their identities to each other, which is the ultimate reward. “And the story continues.” Gu drew much of his inspiration for this app from real life.