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A small two-node cluster can cost from US,000 to well over US,000.This cost would not even include the heart of a production RAC environment, the shared storage.Note: Typically it takes about 15 minutes for DNS changes to take effect.If you’re having trouble with mail flow or other issues after adding DNS records, see Troubleshoot issues after changing your domain name or DNS records.Next, see Use DMARC to validate email in Office 365.In order to protect against these, once you have set up SPF, you should also configure DKIM and DMARC for Office 365.

Unfortunately, for many shops, the price of the hardware required for a typical production RAC configuration makes this goal impossible.If you don’t know the DNS hosting provider or domain registrar for your domain, see Find your domain registrar or DNS hosting provider.To set up the records yourself, these are the records to add.Any email you already have will stay at your current email host, unless you decide to migrate email and contacts to Office 365.Follow the steps below to add the three CNAME records that are required for Office 365.

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