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Website: Started in: 2001Wholly for LDS singles, this site is explicit about their pricing, which is substantially less than other premium sites.

You have to be when majority of the year is spent in shorts, swimsuits and the smallest amount of clothing that your garments will allow. Dip cone post-baptismal dunking just seems appropriate.I thought I saw a paintbrush here once…the girl who was holding it applied her foundation. Here’s a regional overview: 1) Scottsdale Wards: A little ritzier and fashion forward. People live in homes here — the older ones own them, the younger ones live with their parents. Imagine, if you will, The Hills Have Eyes merged with The Other Side of Heaven.But in all seriousness — those looking for a taste of higher society can find it. Lots of chain establishments, not as many quirky, hole-in-the-wall places. So hopefully you’re into the whole desert/red-rock beauty kind of thing. Chandler and Gilbert are a tad removed from AZ nightlife. If they do leave, it’s usually just a short stint to BYU to find a spouse who’s also an East Mesa local so they can move back home and live happily ever after as Toros amongst the orange groves. There are two temples (soon to be three), the Mesa temple and the newly-dedicated Gilbert temple, within driving distance of anywhere in the valley.WARNING: the good ones probably have 4 dates that week. : AZ girls want to get married and have kids, and most of them will prioritize it over ambition/careers. AZ Might Be For You If: You love the heat but don’t need a diverse landscape, are ready to start a traditional home and family, and don’t mind hearing stories about the things people did in high school.If they’re locals, the moms can get pretty involved — don’t be surprised if a parent walks out mid-doorstep scene.

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