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He also showed himself to have comedic skill in movies such as 'When Ladies Meet' in 1941 and 'Her Cardboard Lover' with Joan Crawford and Greer Garson the following year. Naval Air Corps as a lieutenant, and, classed as too old for active duty, became a flying instructor for three years from 1943 to 1946.After America's entrance into WWII, Taylor made two well-received war movies: 'Stand by for Action' in 1942 and the following year he played a tough NCO in 'Bataan', after which he signed up for the real war. During this time he also starred in as well as directed many instructional films and narrated the 1944 propoganda movie 'The Fighting Lady' about life aboard an aircraft carrier in wartime.The movie was 'Magnificent Obsession' in 1935 co-starring Irene Dunne and it made Robert Taylor a romantic star.After co-starring with Greta Garbo in 'Camille' in 1936 he became one of the most popular box-office stars of the time with a fan-mail base that exceeded even that of the "King" Clark Gable.He was a gifted young man and stood out at track athletics, as well as playing the cello in the school orchestra.

In 1940, he starred again with Leigh in Mervyn Le Roy's tragic love story 'Waterloo Bridge'.

From the start of the 1940's Taylor began to change his clean cut image by appearing in more gritty roles.

In 1941 he played the title role in 'Billy the Kid' and the following year he played the ruthless gangster, the eponymous hero of 'Johnny Eager' with Lana Turner.

He was known as "The Man with the Perfect Profile".

Search Amazon for Robert Taylor Robert Taylor was born in Filley, Nebraska, on August 5, 1911, with the birth name of Spangler Arlington Brugh.

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