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There are multiple types of brothels available like the expensive termas or cheaper quick sex brothels.

There are also many erotic massage parlors where you don’t actually get much of a massage.

Once you have changed into your robe you go into the main lounge where the girls are waiting.

Sometimes it will be like a strip club with some topless or naked dancers on stage, often times it more like a lounge with sexy girls in thongs standing around.

Most of the time the prostitutes inside will be passive and won’t approach you.

If you see something you like it is up to you to go to her, or at a minimum make eyes at her so she knows it is OK for her to come to you.

But before we get into all of that we want to quickly talk about the logistics of your trip.

The local non pro women may be a bit harder than you have been led to believe, but the prostitution scene is top notch.The main touristy area would be near Copacabana and Ipanema.Copa will be a bit cheaper, but still pretty pricey.Every country has there own slang for brothels, well in Brazil there are multiple types of brothels.Sometimes they will be called prives, boates, or in this case termas.

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