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Look like Lorule’s most fashionable (and perhaps only) merchant while eliminating of your peripheral vision with Ravio’s hood.This can be found in a ruin close to the Spring of Courage.You’re going to do some digging to find all three pieces of Phantom Ganon’s armor, but you won’t be able to start the sidequest until you first find the clue to its whereabouts in Misko’s EX Journal 2, which is tucked away among the Deya Village ruins.Once you’ve read the journal, the quest will trigger, sending you to the Faron region to collect Phantom Ganon’s skull, helmet, and armor.The general Gerudo race won by a long shot, and it made me realize, you know what?

But the royal guards — you know, the thing that you technically they get a super cool uniform that reduces the stamina consumed by your charge attack.He's also a really snazzy dresser, and it's admirable that he takes the time to outfit and accessorize himself.Nobody expects the semi-aquatic Zora to go to the trouble of dressing up.I don't want to say you don't have a chance with the Prince, but--well, I can't think of an encouraging way to end that sentence.Maybe that's why Sidon didn't take the number-one spot in the Twitter poll I ran last week about Zelda: Breath of the Wild characters people want to be special friends with.

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Yeah sure, you’re the champion of Hyrule, trusted knight to the Princess Zelda.

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