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In other storyline developments, the baby that Young Ran is pregnant with was revealed to be Mike’s.But it’s kind of weird considering the lack of scenes that they have together.Before leaving for America, Hye Rin bidded farewell to her ex-boyfriend, Lee Dong Wook and also her parents (she doesn’t even get a airport farewell scene).Hye Rin felt that she had lost her way as a reporter after being caught in the sticky cobweb of government politics and wanted a new enviroment to rediscover herself. ( the chinese translations not so good here) Q2 MC: U cried so naturally.. Words on Screen:[Painful (in a slang way) = Pain]: It is definitely a worth watching display by Lee Da-hae. Luxurious life for the rich]MC: In addition to the think-skinned, it’s all good acting performance. Korean words Q: Does Lee Dong Wook often tease you? because the atmosphere then was....( interrupted by DW) DW: Ahh... Words on screen:[Cute Transformation – Lee Da Hae]MC: The scene LDH crying in the airport preventing LDW to leave her.: Even the God will be deceived by such acting.: Wanting the viewers to see an ultimate change & took up the cutesy role.: 5 months after the change of role….Phillipines was mentioned with her catching lobsters... they're both good actors and i adore them haha. I thought the topic of this thread is great but I think we should have more information and news about them to share rather than just expressing our obssession with this heavenly couple, right? But I think this ought to be posted here along with other info that can make their fans fly. This song is sang by her: I think LDH isn’t here to play the role …LDH: I’ve been pondering this for quite sometime. Korean words Q: Continue to be fooled by lies, but…LDW: I was always fooled by Yoo Rin’s lies: As time went by, I grew used to it: Funny and cute right? LDW: There weren’t any special incidences that brought about love towards Lee Da Hae. Korean words Gong Chan buys clothes for Yoo Rin SGC: Look how comfortable this is. Credit: ripgal from soompi forum (thanks so much for the news and the translations) MG Ending Party Short Convo/Interview Q1 MC: Da Hae have u seen LDW's msg on the MG mainpage? i was hyped when i saw the sentence Da Hae ah.."...the feeling went away when i saw him addressing LJK and PSY after me. Words on screen:[Seems she has made a major decision to take up the role]LDH: Initially, I really want to do it, so I fought to perform the fullest. Host: Lee Da Hae’s love trick is to make others embarrassed JYR: Come over, come over Lady: What was that? It was because she’s always by the side: Feelings developed as time went by: She gradually crept into my heart Korean words Ju Yoo Rin thinks of Gong Chan even after a drink Host: A choice-less Da Hae wasn’t disregarded for only once or twice JYR: But that’s not the way: He is really… : Gong Chan: Seol Gong Chan, what’s so great about you? Korean words A furious Ju Yoo Rin JYR: You tall fella look just like Seol Gong Chan.

When I began filming My Girl, I wasn't a 'popular actor'. These are some of the other translations of their interviews that I find from soompi forum.

Im one of the avid viewers of My girl, their names in the Tagalized version are Julian Seol [seol gong chan] - Lee Dong wook and Jasmine Joo [Joo Yoo Rin] Lee Da Hae. watch this video wherein some fan asked them if theyre dating and LDH answered" We'll try to date!! every 100th signatures we gather, we send them to Ms. ][Joo Yoo-rin][Yoo-rin][Yoo-rin]Words on screen: (Lee Da-hae singing)[Because I love you]MC: But Lee Da-hae’s transformation hasn’t stopped. SGC: Yes, pretty much.: Ah yes, at this time, I should say that I haven’t seen them right? ”: He would often answer “Just for fun”: He often says that I’m very funny and fun to tease. Korean words Romantist Seol Gong Chan buys a birthday gift for Yoo Rin SGC: Why is it snowing again? Host: Lee Dong Wook has always been thought of as being petty and conservative: Actually has a romantic side to him. I bought it for someone in the past.: And I can’t throw it away: So I’ll just give it to you JYR: Wow, how pretty…: Seol Gong Chan, thank you very much Korean words Q: If you were to use 5 words to represent the other person? you’re too conscious of the camera LDH: How about me? Their chemistry is unbelievable both on and off screen.

and we hope we can have as many signatures as possible. Words on Screen:[This is especially for me.]Words on screen:[Who is the most beautiful of all? JYR: Yes, Lee Dong Wook and I often joke with each other during filming.: And he doesn’t really praise me.: I did up a hairdo that looks like that of Shim Shun Mother.: He would say things like “You did a Shim Shun Mother hairdo”: I would then ask “Why are you doing this to me Oppa?

In Episode 40 shown last night, Min Hye Rin who was supposed to have romantic entanglements with the two brothers, Lee Dong Wook and Dong Chul, leaves for America where she will be stationed as an overseas news correspondent.

This effectively marks the departure of Lee Da Hae.

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Even though I cannot thank every single person, I can feel it in my heart. Now there's not much time until the finale airs After the broadcast, I am no longer Gong Chan. This is Lee Da Hae.: It’s been a long time since we have met. ]LDH: I’m playing a girl by the name of Joo Yoo-rin, Words on screen:[Cute swindler Joo Yoo-rin]: A cute swindler & with some skills in lying.: Always knows how to benefit her.: But she has a cute character.

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