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Open to non-science majors, but also lays a foundation for higher-level geobiology courses.

View course details in My Plan: ESS 104 ESS 106 Living with Volcanoes (3) I&S/NWExplores volcanoes and volcanic eruptions on Earth and in the solar system.

Emphasis on quantitative methods for measuring, evaluating, and understanding contemporary changes relative to the last several thousand years.

Prerequisite: either MATH 124, MATH 134, or Q SCI 291; recommended: An introductory background in earth sciences, chemistry or physics is helpful, but not required. View course details in My Plan: ESS 201 ESS 202 Earthquakes (5) I&S/NWEarthquakes of the Pacific Northwest and around the world - their cause and relationship to plate tectonics; why, where, and when they occur.

Evaluates the possibility of predicting future eruptions. View course details in My Plan: ESS 115 ESS 119 Introduction to Laboratories (1, max.

View course details in My Plan: ESS 305 ESS 306 Planetary Geology (5) NWUp-to-date survey of geological features and processes on and within planets and their moons deduced from sampling, remote sensing, spacecraft imagery, and theory.View course details in My Plan: ESS 301 ESS 305 Geology of the National Parks (5) NWReviews a wide range of fundamental geological processes, using North American parks and monuments as examples of natural laboratories.Includes plate-tectonic history, volcanism, mountain-building, and glacial, fluvial, and a host of other geomorphic forces as preserved in geologic exposures of National Parks.ESS 100 Dinosaurs (2) NWBiology, behavior, ecology, evolution, and extinction of dinosaurs, and a history of their exploration.With dinosaurs as focal point, course also introduces the student to how hypotheses in geological and paleobiological science are formulated and tested.

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View course details in My Plan: ESS 100 ESS 101 Introduction to Geology & Societal Impacts (5) I&S/NWIntroduction to the processes, materials and structures that shape Earth. View course details in My Plan: ESS 102 ESS 103 Minerals and Gems (3) NWIntroduction to the nature of minerals: composition, structure, physical properties, and origins, with emphasis on gem minerals.

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