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Demowoman became Morgan, obsessed with rules and saddled with playing the straight man to Jane (developed out the Soldier-Tan) who likes to play pranks.Alek (Heavy Weapons Gal) is a gentle giant while Anne-Marie (Spyette) is devious and self-obsessed.Recurring characters include the TF2 cast, expanded to include gender-swaps and chibi versions of several characters, the female BLU Engineer Engie-tan who plays and comments on games when off-the-clock and the Author Avatar, which takes the form of a purple tentacle.Be aware that the comic provides generous servings of fanservice occasionally, making it somewhat Not Safe for Work.Woolie: "We killed two lions, we decided we're going to cannibalize our dead bodies, babies get tossed off of cliffsides, and I believe I killed a guy in the middle of a play." Great Black Otaku: "So, you know, a regular weekend." is she goes up, and she sees a hot dude, and says "Boy, I'd like some dick!" And then she goes to her dad, and her dad says "No dick for you," so then she goes and makes a bad deal with a witch, and then that ends up killing her dad! Everything she does actively empowers her own villain!

European researchers at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast developed a spray to treat the problem directly—and they’ve achieved stunning results.

Woolie: How much of this is you just hating her gingerness? Every single thing every other Princess does is either nothing or at least tries to stop their villain. They're like, "No, don't be evil," "Don't kidnap me! Liam: Yeah, like, tells Gaston to go fuck himself and then tells the Beast, "No, I'm outta here; you're being a dick." Pat: "Also, you should totally kill Gaston, he's a dick." Matt: I like the concept of King Triton saying, "No dick for you, you will make do with weird fish-parts." Pat: All you have is weird fish-parts!

The latter is now the comic's primary focus, featuring metagaming issues from whatever game Jo thinks is most controversial at the time.

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