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In addition, the problem of the authenticity of the source known as the Chronicle of the Priest of Duklja, which appears to be a 17th century falsification, is discussed in the Introduction to the document MONTENEGRO. Leader of the Croatians of Dalmatia, based at Nin, near Zadar.It appears that the Frankish campaigns helped unite Croatian Dalmatia under this single prince, who also accepted Frankish overlordship.He was elected king of Croatia and Dalmatia, which remained a jurisdictionally separate kingdom from Hungary, in return for guaranteeing the local authority of the Croatian nobility.

He was restored as Duke of Croatia in [878], in succession to Duke Demagoj's son, Duke Iljiko.Charles I King of the Franks (later Emperor Charlemagne) launched his first campaign against the Avars in 791, followed by a second campaign in 795-96.He eliminated the independent Avar state, although a small khaganate continued to exist until at least 822 as a vassal of the Franks.The Franks placed the Croatians under the Marchese of Friulia).He succeeded as Prince of Dalmatian Croatia in [810], with his main residence at Nin.

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No indication has been found whether Tomislav was related to the previous dukes of Croatia who are set out in Chapter 1.

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