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It has always been associated with divinity and immortality.

It was the otherwise known as the world tree to the cultures of that time. The Earth Goddess is directly associated with the Tree of Life.

As you can see by the map their main origin was on the margins of Mesopotamia.

To the west was the Levantine corridor, to the north they lived in northern Iraq and Syria and to the east the Zagros mountains.

I wish I could say the Adamites and the Nodites only lived in what would later become Sumeria but nothing's that simple.

Actually, one of Adam and Eve's sons - Adamson a pure line Adamite - met and married one of the last pure Nodite women and founded what I call the third Garden of Eden.

The so-called Aryan mother tongue was in the process of formation in the highlands of Turkestan; it was a blend of the Andonic dialect of that region with the language of the Adamsonites and later Andites.

And it is most appropriate that part of this story starts here in the wilds of Central Asia.The introduction will give you a short background of information to help you understand what this web site is based on and give you a brief overview of its contents. More information on the Tree of Life is available in Our story begins with the Lucifer Rebellion and the transporting of the Tree of Life to a high mountainous region by Van the leader of the loyalists. So ancient is the beginning of this story that we have no written record of these events. It took a long long time to be written but it's there.It took the coming of the Andites and the culture they created to reveal this incredible legend.The Tree of Life is one of the most pervasive and enduring legends in the history of religion.It was a real tree that grew on the planet millenniums ago. Belief in it's reality spans from deep within the stone age to the present.

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Of this northern trek a small number went east into the Tarmin Basin with another small group went east into today's Iran. Only five per cent remained in the southern most part of Mesopotamia but these culturally superior Andites would become the seed of the later appearing Sumerians.

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