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Or like her, others who enjoyed the natural beauty of the woods for their jogs.

Of course, still being a teen icon, she would be wearing the sexiest jogging outfits she could find.

In that respect, she didn’t mind the staring from other joggers.

She actually got a kick being such a tease towards them.

Tight, form-fitting Lycra bottoms and tops would show off her sexy figure for anybody to see.

And being a bit of an exhibitionist, she rarely bothered with a bra under the skin-tight tops.

Over the next few weeks, James Alexander drove that same neighborhood to make sure of Britney’s routine.

He spent the next few days gathering everything he felt he would need to exact his vengeance over her.

He bought some nylon rope from a hardware store, a ball-gag from a sex-shop, and purchased a hunting knife from a sporting-store.

But the straw that finally broke his back about these pop-divas was when his Jenny got raped by a bunch of guys in broad daylight, and they got off in court because the jury felt that his 15-year-old daughter had been asking for it by the way she dressed.

For months he had been fuming over this and on this particular morning he was driving along in a fashionable wooded area and noticed this hot looking girl jogging along the parkway.

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However, she did feel a bit uncomfortable when women would look at her with those same sex-hungry eyes as the men.

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