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I remember reading similar reports years ago, which cited numerous cases of historical lava flows (note: historical meaning humans witnessed it) that were dated radiometrically to be a few hundred thousand to millions of years old.

I was originally quite convinced by the discrepancy that radiometric dating methods were fundamentally flawed: "If radiometric dating methods are so wrong when the age is known, how can we trust them when the age is unknown?

Their motivation is obvious: all techniques consistently yield age estimates far older than the purported So where to start?

I imagine that I will return to this topic some time in the future, as Ai G has published a number of articles and books that discuss radiometric dating methods (and the Potassium-Argon method in particular).

Therefore, one can use the measured ratio of potassium to argon in a given mineral to infer the time at which the mineral crystallized and began to accumulate argon (note: 40Ca is not considered in the equation, because it is a common isotope that is already abundant in the rock).

Typically, one assumes that no argon (or negligible amounts thereof) was initially present, because argon is a noble gas and can easily diffuse out of minerals that are still hot.

Less than 1% of this potassium occurs as 40K, which is the radioactive isotope.

First, all radiometric dating methods are scientific models used to estimate the age of geologic events, provided a number of physical assumptions regarding the rock's history are met.

While such geological complexities pose additional challenges to geochronologists, even "bad" dates can be very useful.

My hope is to convince you this is the case through the following example, and that Ai G had prematurely discredited the K-Ar dating method. Doolan provides a convincing case against the credibility of K-Ar dating.

If you came back after 1.25 billion years, and assuming nobody has heated the rock or altered it chemically, you would find 1/2 grams of 40K and 1/2 grams of 40Ar/40Ca.

After another 1.25 billion years, you should find 1/4 grams of 40K and 3/4 grams of 40Ar/40Ca.

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