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So, it should be no surprise that the true national dish of Belgium is the fantastic mussels & french fries. Then, in every town and city, there are stalls dispensing french fries in the traditional cardboard cone, served with a tasty sauce (mayonnaise, ketchup, tartare, andalouse etc.), meeting places par excellence where men, women and children of every age and status gather.

Belgium forms part of that area that also ever more resembles a “french fries curve” extending from London to Valencia and encompassing great maritime ports such as Antwerp, Rotterdam, Hamburg and Dunkirk…

The appeal of the Tennis Europe Junior Tour extends well beyond its home continent, and in 2016 players came from over 100 countries worldwide to participate.

Over a quarter of a million spectators file through the gates annually to see competitions that are reported in over 780 periodicals worldwide, garnering over 12,000 minutes of TV and radio airtime.Right now he’s ranked No.111, while his highest ranking was No.99.He still has no singles and doubles ATP titles in his résumé.This quite geographically limited area contains 60% of European purchasing power…Belgium is at its heart with the European institutions located in its capital.

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  1. But then when asked about whether they’re dating, the pair have refused to confirm a romance and insisted they’re “just friends.” If the co-stars are just friends, and not in a romance, then Billy is a very good friend.