Jonathan goodhand corrupting consolidating peace

Conflict-affected countries offer an ideal environment for pervasive corruption.

While corruption imposes costs and compromises on peacebuilding efforts, opportunities for exploiting public office can also be used to entice armed groups into signing peace agreements, thus stabilising post-war environments.

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Within these broad concerns there are numerous dilemmas that occur when attempting to define and contextualise corruption in a post-conflict environment.In: Langer, Arnim and Stewart, Frances and Venugopal, Rajesh, (eds.), . Goodhand, Jonathan (2012) 'Bandits, Borderlands and Opium Wars: Afghan statebuilding viewed from the margins'. The Drugs Economy and Post Conflict Peacebuilding in Afghanistan'. In: Goodhand, Jonathan and Spencer, Jonathan and Korf, Benedikt, (eds.), . Cramer, Christopher and Goodhand, Jonathan (2011) 'Hard science or waffly crap?Evidence-based policy versus policy-based evidence in the field of violent conflict'.At this point, I will be in an appropriate position to analyse the consequences of corruption in post-conflict environments.The most damaging of these, and therefore the focus of this section, is the way in which corruption can distort or demolish the intentions of the peacebuilding process.

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