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Also, the city is 60 miles south of Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest.Winters are mild and summers hot, with 49 inches of rain spread fairly evenly throughout the year.In Bellingham, the list of attributes is long and plays to the wants of many older Americans: world-class sailing, hiking and scenery, a manageably sized city, a cool arts scene and easy access to Canada if things get hairy in the U. See also: Where to live on 0 a day First, the rain: Curtains of misty moisture can sock in for days during late fall and winter.But the average annual rainfall of 35 inches doesn't even come close to the top 10 rainiest cities in the U. Bellingham summers are sunny and temperate, with an average of fewer than six rainy days in July and August combined.But the median household income is also way above average, and housing foreclosures are almost unknown.If your retirement daydreams involve a healthy, culturally rich, lakeside town, Burlington may be for you.

Locals are highly educated — fed by the 13,800 students at Western Washington University — and opportunities do exist for skilled workers.Bellingham sits right on the sound, where killer whales compete for fish with commercial and sport boats.The town lies 80 miles north of Seattle and 55 miles south of Vancouver, British Columbia — both accessible by Amtrak — in an ideal location for retirees who want urban conveniences without the hassles of city life.Many are home to colleges and universities, as well as museums, concert halls and theaters.Take a look at our list and see if you can find the city that feels just right for you.

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