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The person I'd sought for advice on almost any subject, including girls. It was my fault and she had recognized the change immediately. "Anyway I'd better go and get ready," she said as she turned to go but then stopped and walked back to me. "Try harder," she instructed, but now there was a real grin on her face. "Yes mom," her daughter said obediently, then poked me in the ribs. This is really getting fucked up was my last thought before I fell asleep. Rising Sun, West Virginia Friday, July 13th, 2007 Mom woke before Izzy and me the next morning, then woke us when she was washed and dressed. Jenny was at her naked best and I could see Isabel wasn't that happy to see us trundle off arm in arm. Wasn't that my job I asked myself as I walked back to our cabin alone just after two. "I thought I should show you where the marriage is taking place ... "It'd be a sorta wedding present," I said, as my hands, now firmly cupping and squeezing her full breasts, pulled her back even harder against me. I slowly moved my left hand down off her breast and across her stomach. Panting heavily, the sweat dripping of me, I left it in my gasping sister as I lay atop her, plugging my cum inside her. I watched as she slid two fingers up her bright pink channel and collected some of my seed. inside me," she whispered even as a strand of my cum hung from the corner of her mouth, "maybe even your baby" "You're on the pill!

And believed it was because of my immanent departure for University, me wanting to distance myself before I left for my new life. it's like their most important holiday of the year ... "Thanks Charlie," my big sister whispered, then plastered herself against me in a warm embrace. Fuck, I'm a horny teenager who's had a hard-on on and off for the last two hours - in fact since we first came through the gate — and now I've got two perfect breasts punching into my naked chest and my cock's squeezed against my sister's hair covered mound. "Oh, and by the way Charlie, why do you have so little hair down there? "Night sweetie," I cooed softly, then leaned over and gave her a big, wet kiss on her cheek. " she spat out as she was rubbed my kiss off her cheek. But by accident she turned just as my kiss was going to land innocently on her cheek and instead our lips met. "C'mon, get up you guys, it's almost nine-thirty," mom ordered as she shook us. You'd think it would be a teenage boy's heaven to spend three hours or so in the company of some two hundred naked girls aged sixteen to twenty-five. show you what you have to do," my sis said with a smile. Sophie was wet, her nether lips engorged, her clitoric bud exposed when my fingers ventured lower. I watched as she pushed her dripping fingers into mouth. You said you guys weren't going to have a child for a few years," I said when the import of her words hit me. I stopped taking the pill a month ago." "But" "Graham's been using condoms ...

When they'd announced their engagements at Christmas dad had extracted a promise from his oldest daughter that they'd wait at least one year before marrying and that the ceremony, if it ever took place, would occur at the local Presbyterian Church that had welcomed Woodmans through its doors for generations. I'd been sitting against the backboard of my bed, reading by the light of my bedside lamp. "I'm busy," I complained but that didn't stop me from putting my arm around her shoulder. But Sophie wasn't going to be cowed that easily and quickly shot back, "that's up to you little brother," (and she emphasized 'little') "the people of the Rising Sun are happily going to welcome the Woodman family no matter what they're wearing." Her eyes flicked to my crotch for a second before lifting them up again into a bold, challenging stare. "Everyone will be dressed at the family dinner tonight," I heard Sophie explain as I slipped into the can. and tomorrow yeah, most of them will be." "Gawd, and we'll be the only ones dressed ... they'll know who we are," Sophie groaned as I unzipped myself and started to pee. "I think they're expecting the Woodman family to be a group of Bible thumping, conservative, capitalist wacko pigs..." "WHAT! "Well, what have you guys told your friends about Graham's family ... "No, they'll think we're perverts like they are," sis shot back. Well, as we walked the three hundred yards through the woods towards the main settlement, I kept chanting silently to myself in almost monkish manner, no erection ... "But I'm starting to like this nudism thing," I shot back. A week before the wedding announcement Evelyn, one of the girls I'd been dating at the time, had talked me into shaving every hair off my prick and balls. So my groin was now covered with only a wispy beard of short hairs. "It just grows like this." "Yeah right Charlie," Izzy mocked. When I emerged from brushing my teeth and combing my hair twenty minutes later (yes, we did have an indoor sink and toilet but no shower or bath tub — the creek apparently was where guests bathed) — I found mom and Izzy hunched over my now opened futon. "You can't sleep on this Charlie," mom instructed when she saw me. I hadn't brought any p.j.'s so was wearing only my boxers. I couldn't blame my cock for getting a little excited when it found itself lying between two near naked women. She leaned her head back into my shoulder so that her soft hair was caressing my cheek. And then I slipped my middle finger inside my sister. Finger fucked her urgently until she groaned and then pulled away and turned. A perfect two part harmony that humans have been perfecting for a million years. " I blurted out when I realized what was going down. And she expects me to do it naked, my penis floating in the wind." "Sophie asked you to walk her down the aisle naked? maybe they'll change their mind by next summer," I said. this cretin has convinced your sister to marry him next month. I'll kill that little prick Peter I promised myself as the vision of her acne faced boyfriend mauling my sisters tits appeared before my eyes. Slowly stroking him awake I actually spoke aloud to the empty room, "Wait'll you've felt this inside you Izzy. And with each subsequent ejaculation it was a picture of my two sisters, both naked, that filed my mind. Of course I'm going to be there." "You're sick," my sister laughed. "Stop," she whispered as she looked up to check if mom or Sophie were looking back. "I'm still not taking my clothes off, no matter what you say," I heard Izzy promise. "Fuck em," I mumbled aloud as I pulled my tee-shirt over my head and then quickly shucked my shorts. That a blanket of smoke will hang like a cloud over us. Suddenly we could hear mom and Izzy's voices through the woods. "Izzy." "Not just," I lied, "and now that you'll be in Philly." "I'll be married," Sophie protested. I watched spellbound for seconds, my eyes darting from my mother's full rounded breasts to Izzy's smaller but higher pair. "Oh I love you Charlie," Izzy promised when I'd descended back down to the pool. You think of your mom as just your mom, yes someone you love, but sexless ... "You know ma, maybe you and dad should have another baby ... She'd forgotten her nudity as she waved her arms to emphasize her point. On something called National Nude Day." Thinking he was joking I chuckled at dad's comment. "He's not that bad," mom chimed in, but with so little conviction she might as well have stayed silent. Then try and tell me about fucking Peter." She's your sister, you retard, I told myself as soon as I'd uttered the words. "Hi Charlie," I heard when I picked up my cell the next day. "I'm going to bring every camera the family owns," I promised back. " After a silence that stretched for seconds Sophie added in a soft, almost girlish voice, "Will you walk me down the aisle? " I tried to tease but simply couldn't pull it off. "We'll get you naked before the weekend is out," I promised, then gave her bum a quick pat and let her skirt fall. "Of course you're not; you're a private school girl." I heard Sophie laugh and knew my two sisters were now embracing. Listen, I gotta admit I'd been thinking about it in the previous few weeks. And then, before sanity could return I opened the bathroom door and stepped into the room and faced my mother and my two sisters. Apparently it's standard for Rising Sun occasions." "Who told you that? She'd never want" "She's been dreaming of you all her life. Sophie finally poked me in the ribs and yelled out a welcome. "Well, being a good Boy Scout and a good brother, being prepared and everything ... "I told you so," Sophie whispered, then quickly kissed my cheek, then added, her mouth just an inch from my ear, "And I want to hear all about these sleeping arrangements later." "C'mon and get them," I called gaily out across the water to mom and Izzy as Sophie marched off. until something like this happens and you suddenly realize she's a sexual being too. you're still young enough." Isabel abruptly stopped her retreat back into the water as she turned to protest.

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We'd been born only ten months apart and somehow, against all odds, we'd become best friends. " I asked, as always impressed by my younger sister's ingenuity. "And don't you dare get an erection Charlie," Izzy yelled as she and mom came abreast of us. "I think it was the other way around," Sophie giggled, "they certainly weren't looking Charlie in the eye." "I know! "It's just that she's excited about getting married," I explained to my sister with an innocent shrug. I think some mice were living in it," Izzy said in disgust. " "Put it out on the porch Charles, we're not having it in the house with us," mom ordered in her most imperious Main Line voice, a voice that brooked no dissent. "Tres sexy," I said to sis, then immediately let out a wolf whistle. it was sick," I accused as I finished up and tucked my cock away. I learned that there can be too much of a good thing. I needed a break," Sophie admitted as I waded out of the water towards her. She gasped when my fingers found her nipples, nipples already hard and excited. "More," Sophie ordered as she struggled to lift her hips ... For minutes, holding hands, we lay side by side looking up at sky, wordless as our breathing slowed. "Look," she instructed as she sat up, kneeling in front of me with her thighs spread.

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