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The plot summary goes on to say: “A girl gets romantic advice from herself ten years in the future via text message.” If you ask me, the premise sounds pretty good, and the name says it all – but it is just a little too similar to 8 SIMPLE RULES FOR DATING MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER (which, I didn’t realize until just now, actually officially shortened its name to 8 SIMPLE RULES).I think this is the role Van described as small, “but I get to be funny,” and was the part he didn’t have to audition for – go, Van!He’s not listed in the IMDb credits (yet), but the series is showing a 9 January 2012 release date.

They list among their producing credits, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, THE SECRET CIRCLE, WENDY, GOSSIP GIRL, PRIVILEGED, HUGE, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, and THE LYING GAME, AND THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELLING PANTS films.Got the chance to chat with “As the World Turns” on-screen lovers Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann at the Soap NET pre-Emmy party in Hollywood last night on a crazy red carpet that had me cutting an interview short with Shirley Jones so I could gab with Susan Lucci. So by the time I got to Luke and Noah, These two guys really are close friends, finishing each other’s sentences at times and Jake is even better looking in person than on television! My first question to Emmy nominee Van Hansis was really stupid: “Why does your hair look different on just about every episode? Van: We really were not involved in that really at all and I think that’s the way it needed to be and I think the fan campaign went the way it should have gone and they focused on the people they needed to focus on.” Greg: Are you nervous about the Emmy show? Van: Yeah, you just have to give yourself over to the genre. Even when outlandish things happen, you have to find the truth.

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In the meantime, speaking of Facebook, the makers of OCCUPANT were online this past Thursday to say that the DVD that was on sale on Amazon was a fake.

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  1. One thing he said resonated with me and I asked each of the others the same question. Some said they wished they could remember but it had been x number of years or others said they really didn't want to think about it too much because it triggered them.