Is dating in high school a waste of time

The second night in the city, some of the girls from my new high school were gracious enough to take me to dinner with them.

As we were walking in to the restaurant, he was walking out with some of his friends.

We talked on the phone for three hours and spent the next week together.

I still went to California because my U-Haul was already packed.

We both went on to different college and stayed together — lots of driving up on the weekends to see each other.

I feel like there’s a lot of stigma around high school sweethearts.

We dated our senior year and then we tried to date a little bit throughout college but sort of went our separate ways.

But there was nobody else who was my best friend and who I was also madly in love with like I was with Steven. That’s where I met Stephen, this little cutie pie from New Buffalo. He hadn’t really dated anybody else that I knew of, which is probably good because New Buffalo was a super-small town — I think we graduated with, like, 40 people.Two years later, we got married, honeymooned in Mexico so he could drink legally. We dated all through high school and kind of dated in college.We always had plans that we’d get back together after college.But by 1996, we lost touch completely and went off and had completely different lives.Years later, when we found each other again, we were across the country from New Jersey where we’d grown up, and we were both married.

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