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Instead, they purchased a much tinier skin boat—which wound up washing overboard—and a clumsy wooden dory.They hired Inuit families to come along, a common practice among Arctic expeditions of that time.All of your personal information and pictures will automatically be transfered to the new account.However your conversations and favorites will not be transfered!Blackjack was barely five feet tall and 100 pounds and lacked any wilderness skills.

Living in frigid solitude for the last two months of her two-year sojourn, she frequently scanned the horizon for rescuers.

Her job was to sew foul-weather clothing out of animal hides so the men could survive the northern winters.

The team was planning to live off six months’ worth of supplies and local game before being relieved a year later with a new crew.

Nearly two years had passed since a schooner dropped her off with four young white explorers who intended to claim the Arctic isle for the British.

Blackjack, a petite 23-year-old Inupiaq woman, had come along as a seamstress.

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