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15 with the water park event, Joong Bo started getting very close.I also loved how HJ imitated HB response in the black room interview on how she will response and she did exactly that.HJ&HB wont be leaving WGM yet Episode 26 was like made for Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo.They actually spoke a lot more compared to some other times, and I was glad that the awkwardness was beginning to subside. Did Hyun Joong really prepared that 995 paper crane? I actually had the same thought as Hwang Bo, that he would be putting real birds in the guitar case and so when Hwang Bo opened it the birds would fly away. If u rewatch ep27 joongbo parts, then u'll see the paper cranes stored in a jar at home.Maybe I'm too picky, but I never knew simple kissing scenes could be THAT difficult? the best part of the first part was HWANBI's duet. this is the best couple everi like their epi 23 when they get the wedding photo shootwah....was awesome and the trying to kiss part lolzhe wanted to grasp HB's handhahahahz... THE BEST PART WAS THEIR HOT HOT HOT TECHTONIK DANCE! it beated out all the couples, because it was sexy, original, fun, chemistry, and just soooooooooooooooooooo JOONGBO! the excitement from HB when her shillang won was priceless and forever.He has his funny moments but he wasn't that physically active as Hwang Bo was.In the recent episode, Hyun Joong won a game against Crown J and Hwang Bo was cheering her lungs off as if like that was the best thing that happened to her.

They call her that because she is a tomboy"Childhood dream: Security guard, police officer, woman soldier, entertainer Before debut: Rapper for the Bros., Tae-Kwon-Do Hobbies: Listening to music, writing letters, taking photographs Things she does well: Physical activities Personality: Quick tempered, outgoing, tomboy Habit: Plays around with her fingernails, talks fast What she likes about herself: Tough and good Complex: Lower part of her body is skinny First love: 2nd year of junior high, she had a crush on her Tae-Kwon-Do instructor. Motto: "Think about it one more time." KIM HYUN JOONGMBC We Got Married is a show where participating celebrities are coupled as husbands and wives to portray the lives of newly-weds. HB and HJ has definitely gotten used to each other, like real married couples. HJ was so cute when he was shocked to see hb winning the girls in the wrestling match. as you can see i don't even remember their names.Think i'm going crazy as joongboholic addict ... Yes i'm a soompi active poster "joykimlee" joined recently for the sake of all the latest joongbo info/gossip/translations/subs/links/csi spazz.so much that joongbo's infested into my nightly dreams too. Somehow I always top the number of times rewatching for every new episode relased.But I think the idea of having so many paper cranes was more romantic. Also in ep26 blackroom interview, HB wears a pair of crane earrings ... Yes, don't we all agree that the kiss on the cheek was just too adorable?I love how they drank soju first to give each of them some courage and then their said fighting.

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The children I know don't even play the game anymore! Does anybody notice when Hyun Joong returned from the mini-market (buying plasters for Hwang Bo) and Hwang Bo opened the door for him, both of them were smiling at each other SSSOOO sweetly? I guess they really miss the show deep down inside, even though they (Hyun Joong, precisely) doesn't admit these things openly. LOL May I ask if u have an account on soompi and an active poster on the Joong Bo thread over there?

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