How to navigate online dating

One of the most interesting parts of the documentary is its coverage of Cronin's dating assignment.The two youngest singles featured in "The Dating Project" are students in a class where one of the requirements is to go on a traditional date.The group chat rooms are a fun place to hang out and talk with friends and random people.Easily move between chat rooms until you find the group that is right for you. Member created forums are a great place to find people with your same interests.Singles have a deep longing for emotional and spiritual connection, but are at a loss for where to turn.

In a world of Tinder, texting, cohabitation and casual hookups, the days of 1950s courtship are long gone.

It's also a documentary about social conversion, and the potential for hookup culture to be transformed into a positive, beautiful and distinctly 21st-century dating culture.

"The Dating Project" manages to navigate the pain and confusion felt by many single people in a way that is ultimately positive and hopeful.

Another says that even getting up the courage to ask his crush on a date was more exciting and meaningful than a hookup experience.

Hooking up didn't even come close, he says, getting at something many of us have learned the hard way: Meaningful encounters just feel better.

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