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Remember however to step outside your comfort zone not your safety zone.Like a yoga-newbie, stretch gently at first and soon you’ll amaze yourself at how far you can go. And, unless you do something about it, it’s always there at the back of your mind, a constant worry. It can be as nerve-wracking as a job interview, or even speaking in public.And if they do have more money than you, then it’s the money that’s intimidating you, not them.Presumably if they lost all their money, you wouldn’t be intimidated by them any more? You’ve just read that unearthing your true self and being that beautiful person are critical to never feeling intimidated again.’re feeling intimidated, forget how you feel and focus solely on the other person It’s a tactic you can grasp quickly with a little practice.

And you can’t be confident and intimidated at the same time.But here’s the problem: We almost always choose a comparison we can’t win.If you have to play this game, try changing the rules: . If you feel intimidated because they have a more important sounding job than you, understand that You aren’t your job – and neither are they.Traditional productivity books—written by men—barely touch the tangle of cultural pressures that women feel when facing down a to-do list.You’re quiet and don’t speak up to avoid being attacked. This person might even be a subordinate – somebody who works for you (believe me, this happens more than you might think.) You probably sense a lack of ‘parity’– that you don’t have the right to engage with this person at the same level.

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Imagine having no nerves, no matter who you’re dealing with. Stop missing out on the wonderful opportunities and experiences that await you. ——- Mark & Laura are on a mission to help you increase your confidence and grow your happiness by simplifying your life.

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