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He doesn't ever flirt or say anything romantic, because he doesn't want to risk making her uncomfortable.

Only if he had a clear signal that flirting was okay would he do it. If you are going to be seductive with a woman, you must be willing to provide the certainty in the interaction that everything is okay -- even if it's romantic.

You are unlikely to turn these women into lovers, but by trying, at least you'll get them out of your life, and clear some psychic space for women who do want to be sexual with you.

So what can you do to get "just a friend" to become your lover?

Perhaps you've made fart jokes, said callous things, or treated her like a buddy; nothing too serious.

Consequently he is indecisive and appears weak to her, always nervous, always waiting for her to relax before he relaxes.

It will give you a sense of patience with her, remove any sense of desperation you may be having with her, and make you less available -- and thus, more attractive -- to her.

Pop quiz, hot-shot: What does a man who becomes a woman's "friend" do differently with her than another woman would? Moral: If you want a woman to see you as a sexual man, rather than basically as an ugly woman, then you must act differently than another woman would.

She had dated him a few times, then decided they should be "just friends." ("I'm very excited," is how she told him.

"I'm excited you are going to be my best friend." Arrrg!

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