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Nudist Online Dating is a site where clothing optional isn't an option! If you enjoy the nudist or naturist lifestyle, and love the feel of a warm breeze on your bare naked skin, then this is the site for you. Skinny dipping and sleeping naked are rules for the members of this site, and anyone who likes to be nude is welcome to join. One of the bears initially laid down continuously to spare her burned paws, not wanting to stand or walk at all, Peyton said.'After the first time we put the bandages on, she woke up, she stood up,' and showed interest in her surroundings, she said. The results argue for more trials of the fish skins for burns, the vets said.

The bears had suffered third-degree burns on all their paws, said Jamie Peyton, chief of the Integrative Medicine Service at the university's vet school. Standard pain treatment is a problem for both the animals and their caregivers when it comes to wildlife with sharp teeth and claws, Peyton said.Veterinarians successfully used alternative medical treatments such as acupuncture on three wild animals burned in the Southern California wildfires.Rescuers brought two adult bears, one of them pregnant, and the young mountain lion to veterinarians with the state Department of Fish and Wildlife and the university after the animals were hurt in the largest wildfire in state history.Ordinary cloth bandages can block animals' intestines if the animals eat them, which they often do.One patient - a 5-month-old mountain lion -kept eating his fish-skin and corn-husk bandages, vets said.

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If you approach this as something that disgusts you, or even a chore then in my opinion, you shouldn't bother doing it.

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