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Unless you make the effort to distinguish between your wants and your desires, and to clarify which aspect is influencing your actions, then you're likely to lose valuable opportunities to accomplish your goals. Whether you win and or lose depends upon which voice is the loudest at the moment of decision: the voice of want, or the voice of desire.

Get in touch with what the conflict is by asking two simple questions: What do I want to do, versus what do I feel like doing? But you probably feel like hitting the "snooze button," and sleeping late. Once you're aware of the conflict and remember that you're struggling, you're able to listen more carefully to the voice of the good heart, and dismiss the voice of the selfish heart.

Make it part of your mindset, and you'll see an observable effect throughout your day. Distinguish Between the Two Hearts It can be very confusing to sort out that which we desire from that which we want.

Ask someone: "Which is more important to you – happiness or money? Just give me basic food, clothing and shelter – and then I'll gladly take a lot of happiness!

In Judaism, the definition of good is found in the Torah. Society's definition could end up being your death sentence. That is our national mission of "Tikkun Olam," of repairing the world. ...repairing the world and restoring 'goodness' where more of it is needed is good but defining good is probably the 'good' starting point for understanding the scope and bounds in which to begin and commence doing so within ones own personal life. be who you are , try not to allow mother natures human beings change you every person is capable of good and bad how ever we often change due to our surroundings , if we ignore the ones who upset us , thieve us, bring us down , try to turn you into a second hand item not important and useful ,we all those ugly things which can truly change you , be strong in your faith turn away completely from those negative persons and remember how beautiful you are and the grand gifts god has giving you , I do not believe in changing people so I ignore and turn away from those who can bring out the worst in me , be honourable no matter what mistakes you have done remember you want to please god and he is with in you , improve on your qualities and everything will seem to run smooth around you , give to the needed and this is the only happiness you need as a human in my belief ,every thing other than a proper shelter and descent living work life is all materialist it is not important to have them you only want them but they are not a necessity in life for your happiness .

Remind yourself each morning that you want to be good, and don't let that consciousness lay fallow.What you want to do is usually the right thing, whereas what you feel like doing is often what is the most comfortable thing. Define "Good" A proper definition of "good" is the starting point of everything you do in life.Obviously you can't just invent your own defini­tion of what "good" is.Act ac­cordingly – you're here to straighten it out. She is empathetic, trusting, trustworthy, loyal, honest, moral, forgiving, humble, kind, compationate, positive, respectful, generous, peacemaker and confident.I love you bb You can teach yourself to not get distracted by the influences of society and that way you can focus on what your trying to be which is a good person.

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