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For more on manscaping, check out these guides from Ask Men and Men’s Fitness. As guys we tend to focus on the more basic grooming measures like brushing our teeth and combing our hair, but as it turns out, the (handsome) devil is in the details.It also might be helpful to check out the below video by Alpha M on how to avoid some of the most common manscaping mistakes: This is one of those things that Hollywood stylists know but the average guy doesn’t often think of: you may not give your eyebrows much thought, but apparently women do. Once you become aware of how much eyebrows affect attractiveness, you’ll start noticing how really handsome guys – like, say, Hollywood leading men – almost always have impeccable brow game.Fortunately, figuring out how to look more handsome isn’t as difficult as you might think.I spent a not-unweird amount of time studying, researching and ogling (errr, I mean, “investigating”) a lot of handsome dudes in order to reverse-engineer what makes a man look handsome and attractive.

For best results, consult your dentist about which method will work best for you.(You probably shouldn’t go sticking things in your mouth based solely on the advice of a 32-year-old guy who works superheroes into the conversation at every possible turn.) It’s no secret that men are creatures of habit, and no where is this more plainly evident than on the top of our heads.Most guys have some variation of the same haircut for years and even decades, giving little thought to one of our most noticeable features.In this post I’ll share 13 of the most effective strategies any guy wondering how to look handsome and attractive can use to step up his style and put his best face forward.It’s a scientifically proven fact: chicks dig facial hair.

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On second thought, don’t throw that razor away just yet.

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