Guide to dating women over 30

Although you must have thought of how your dream man or soulmate would be, it is advisable not to have a preconceived image of your 'prince charming' who resembles a favorite celebrity. If you are hoping to get the man of your dreams and feel that your age is working against you, make sure that you at least try to look presentable and feminine.

Slow your roll, dial it back about 1,000 notches and stop reading into every teeny tiny little everything. Sadly, there is no sarcasm font, and emoticons will only get you so far in nonverbal response.

A bad date helps us to enjoy a good one, a good relationship gets us ready for a great one, a painful or arduous experience tests our composure, flexibility and resilience.

Translation: you’re trying too hard and it’s not hot. Everything we do prepares us for something else, for better and for worse.

The most vital tip is that you should not sound desperate.

Desperation proves to be a total turn off for guys, so try to adjust your perception as well as your attitude.

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